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Car detailing prep

Car detailing prep

So a few months back I bought an Audi TT Quattro. It’s in great condition but not quite perfect – a few deep stone-chips, light scratches, some tired interior leather and a dirty engine bay.

It needs a full valet so I’ve come up with an 18 stage cleaning regime for operation ‘mint condition’.

  1. Jet wash rinse
  2. Pre-wash
  3. Snow-foam
  4. Wheels
  5. Details (door shuts etc.)
  6. Full Wash
  7. Engine bay
  8. Drying
  9. Decon
  10. Polishing
  11. Sealant
  12. Glass
  13. Carnauba Wax Paste
  14. Trim/tyre dressing
  15. Finishing
  16. Vac interior
  17. Feed leather
  18. Dust and shine interior

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