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Creaking/Rattling Roof

Creaking/Rattling Roof

Since I bought my car a few months back, the most annoying thing has easily been the rattle that came from the rear of the car at any speed. I recently noticed that opening/sliding the sunroof stopped the rattle. Assuming it was a loose bolt or hinge, I was about to send it into Mercedes to be looked at.

After a mammoth internet search, I came across an article that switched my thinking. Essentially, it’s not a rattle, but rubber-seal, making a friction noise with the glass roof. The solution was to lubricate the rubber seals around the sunroof with some Silicon Lubricant spray,

On my way home from work today, I popped into Halfords and picked up a bottle, applied it and VOILA… fixed. I can now drive my comfortable cruiser round without the rattle that was slowly making me insane.

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