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Curriculum Vitae

Experienced and enthusiastic Digital Specialist Leader with a history of quantifiable success working in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, political and tech industries.

Specialising in Strategic, Digital and Multichannel Marketing, Communication, Sales, Management and Leadership.

(The whole CV is about a 15 minute read)



Digital Marketing Manager

November 2020 – Present

I am the current Digital Marketing Manager for Congenica, a genome analysis and diagnostics company, based in the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus outside of Cambridge, UK. At Congenica, I lead the global digital tactical marketing strategy and execution. Before my arrival at Congenica, we undertook digital marketing at a basic level. We now utilise a full, varied, and flexible multi-channel mix of tactics to ensure we hit my strategic objectives in a smarter, more efficient way.

  • I lead the commercially critical tactic of digital lead generation designing banner ad, PPC and SEM and SEO campaigns that feed targeted leads to our website.  Once on our website, I’ve streamlined the UX to encourage the focused leads to interact with us and enter my digital funnel.
  • I changed out digital tactic to a hyper-targeted approach where we fix our sights on ideal personas and only spend time nurturing specific lead types.
  • I own and develop our branding to ensure strong differentiation and brand identity.
  • I own and track our sales enablement tools, introducing and sunsetting digital tactics as and when necessary.

My key wins:

  • Year on year lead generation increase of 60% (40% above my KPI)
  • Digital lead to opportunity conversion reduced from 100:1 to 10:1 due to increased targeting and effective digital UX.
  • I’ve doubled our CRM size from 8k to 17k in my first 10 months.
CanTrack Global

Head of Marketing & Communications

April 2016 – October 2020

I was Head of the Marketing and Communications team at CanTrack Global, a tech and security start-up providing advanced telematics and theft-recovery for various industries.

  • We ensured our products and services are reported locally and nationally to the highest standards with several front pages in the tabloid press. 
  • I’ve devised and executed my scalable and flexible marketing strategy, implementing the right tactics at the right time to hit the goals of CanTrack’s Senior Leadership Team, Board and Investors. 
  • I train the Sales and Marketing teams in the latest value-selling strategies and tactics. 
  • After several successful TV Interviews, I was the spokesperson for the company with several filming commitments commpleted.

RFL: The COVID-19 pandemic harmed the company to a point where we couldn’t keep trading. The company entered survival mode to protecting the existing business with no plans to expand in the next few years resulting is 70% redundancies. Shortly after I left the company, it was sold to Radius Telematics.My key wins:

  • Increasing our social following by 40% organically
  • Growing the social-to-website conversions by 1254%
  • I’ve decreased the ‘call-to-action per user’ ratio on the website from 1:80 to 1:34
  • After a one-minute TV spot on Channel4, my digital promotion of the appearance beat Channel4’s viewership by double despite having a fraction of their following.

    Senior Marketing Manager

    October 2018 – March 2019

    On a temporary (six month) contract, I headed up the Marketing team at Healthera – a SaaS tech start-up in the pharmacy and healthcare sector. Starting in October 2018 as the Senior Marketing Manager, I quickly took the interim role of Head of Sales & Marketing after radically changing both departments shortly after my arrival. 

    • I devised and implemented the 2019 Sales and Marketing strategy based on targeted personas while handling multiple million-pound budgets and phasing. 
    • I designed, delivered and iterated the point-of-sale/digital collaterals and copywriting for all multi-channel marketing campaigns. 
    • I worked closely with the product team and external agencies to collect and analyse user feedback, consistently improving UX. 

    RFL: This was a temporary contract for six months to ‘supercharge their marketing’. I turned down a lucrative extension (and FTC) in my final weeks with Healthera.

    My key wins:

    • My marketing plan directly brought on 34% more pharmacies during my tenure with Healthera, generating an extra £118k in the first six months with an estimated total contract value of half a million pounds (doubling turnover). 
    • In my first week, I organised a major event plan for the Pharmaceutical Show. With less than a week to prepare, I promoted, decorated and optimised our attendance, gaining double sign-ups compared to the previous year. Despite the exceeded success, I also put a modified plan in place for the next year’s show to ensure extra wins due to this experience.
      Boehringer Ingelheim

      UK Digital Marketing Manager

      June 2016 – September 2018

      My most recent pharmaceutical role was as UK Digital Marketing Manager for the newly formed Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health company, managing the digital marketing for all channels across all species. I was an internal digital consultant across UK head office, field, European and Global functions. I focused on keeping the business in front of current digital marketing trends in the industry while managing digital agency relationships to ensure quality and value for money. 

      • I designed and implemented the Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health digital strategy, ensuring an optimised, innovative approach to complement brand objectives. 
      • I identified, recommended and implemented new initiatives that further enhance their value-add tools for industry prescribers. 
      • I worked as a bridge between Global, European and UK initiatives, sharing and reworking campaigns as necessary. 
      • I conducted training for both internal and external stakeholders to up-skill the business and create a more digitally thinking company. I recently worked with the ‘Head of META’ region, sculpting their marketing strategy for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa after giving the keynote speech at the ‘META’ regional meeting in Monaco. 
      • I lead the design and production of sophisticated digital marketing materials. I also built relationships with key customers to investigate their marketing needs and how the business can help them. 

      RFL: Sanofi-owned Merial (the original employer) was bought out by Boehringer Ingelheim in a $14B merger deal in January 2017. I was offered a role within the new organisation in the product management team but wanted to pursue marketing as a speciality.

        Bristol-Myers Squibb

        Digital Marketing Specialist

        December 2014 – May 2016

        I led the Digital Marketing for Bristol-Myers Squibb in Australia, New Zealand & Canada (as well as support for UK, Ireland, Nordics, Germany, Italy and Brazil) applying our new World Wide Customer Organisation model. 

        • I supported the EMAC (European Markets, Australia & Canada) Digital Hub in the planning and implementation of digital projects. 
        • I ensured the company was up to date with the latest digital and industry trends and advised upwards where necessary. 
        • I worked with worldwide internal teams and outside agencies/vendors to defining project scope, timelines, and deliverables, defining project tasks, resource requirements and communicating needs to management. 
        • I managed multi-million-pound budgets and agencies within internal tracking systems. 
        • I supported submissions of digital material through the Legal/Medical/Regulatory (LMR) review process.

        RFL: After two years and hundreds of thousands of air miles, I gained a UK-based role with a non-competitor that suited my new, young family.

        My key wins:

        • Halving PAAB regulatory approval from six months to three, ensuring new products promotion faster than ever before.
        • I shared a website design and content with several other countries in Europe to avoid repetition and costs. This one website alone saves the business over £280,000.
          Financial Ombudsman Service

          Digital Content Manager

          February 2014 – November 2014

          On a temporary contract, I managed a small team of online content specialists in the fast-paced financial district of Canary Wharf, London. We produced creative social media plans, wrote and maintained content for the website and intranet on relevant topics as well as coding and design for online assets. 

          • I coordinated focus groups and 360-degree feedback schemes to identify new opportunities and enhancement of existing services and support tools. 
          • I managed relationships with external providers, including social media companies, to ensure the organisation got the latest news, tips and techniques direct from the companies creating the trends. 
          • I designed and managed the content strategy calendar to ensure all employees were aware of content, timescales and accountability. 
          • I unified communications between internal, outreach and press office teams to ensure the delivery of a consistent message. 

          RFL: This was a temporary contract undertaken while I sought a role back in the pharmaceutical industry.

          My key wins:

          • My team converted several thousand pages of hard-coded HTML into a flexible Drupal CMS.
          • We streamlined the internal communications to ensure critical communication delivery time cut from several minutes to several seconds.
          • I coached each member of the team to ensure career progression within the organisation. Each team member took an upwards promotion during my tenure.
            Liberal Democrats & Nick Clegg

            Online Media & Content Manager

            May 2011 – February 2014

            I managed the design and maintenance of the federal and leader web pages as well as training MPs, MEPs and Peers on social media best practice and strategy. I worked with the Deputy Prime Minister daily to ensure his information was clear and on message.

            • I, with my team of online content creators, took the lead role in the party’s national digital strategy and conversion architecture – this included the creation and design of campaign websites and user flow. I pioneered extensive A/B testing for the launch of the new (and still current) federal website to ensure the public receives the optimum messaging. I tested several variations of wording and hero image, teasing for donations along the way.
            •  I ensured a consistent message across our brand by creating and implementing our Liberal Democrat style guide for social media, articles and graphics. 

            RFL: I left after three years as I felt that I couldn’t take the party forward into the 2015 General Election with the resources budget. I trained up four people to take over my role.

            My key wins:

            • I, organically helped Nick Clegg to become the second most influential online politician in the world (Klout – second only to Barack Obama) and the highest followed politician ever in the UK.
            • I led the most successful by-election digital campaign in Liberal Democrat history (Eastleigh 2013) that generated over £100k in donations from a £4k budget and helped to elect Mike Thornton.
              Matuta Marketing

              Creative Director

              October 2010 – April 2011

              While working within the pharmaceutical industry, I noticed that many pharmacies had minimal to zero digital assets. I set up a digital agency to meet this unmet need. I started with pharmacies and quickly moved into small-business in general. I employed lead generators, web designers, and social media strategists to create an agency that covered all aspects of small-business digital marketing. 

              • We set up websites and ensured through SEO, SEM and Advertising that each site gained maximum exposure.
              • We trained up the end-user in the fundamentals of digital marketing and assisted them throughout their marketing journey.
              • We devised bespoke campaigns for each customer depending on budgets, needs and industries.
              • We ensured all aspects of digital marketing was fulfilled by Matuta to give each customer a one-stop-shop for all of their marketing needs. 
              • I ceased my day-to-day involvement with Matuta when a client (the Liberal Democrats) offered me a career-defining role that needed to be my primary focus. Matuta is still operated successfully today under the management of my wife as ‘Matuta Consultancy Group’. 

              RFL: A conflict of interest with Liberal Democrats meant that I put the company on hold with only existing customers and their support retained.

              My key wins:

              • From scratch, I set up the website, SEO, social media and PPC ensuring I hit the ground running within the first week.
              • I gained my first customers within two weeks of trading.
              • Matuta expanded from zero to four staff members within three months of trading. Roles ranged from lead generators to WordPress coders.
                Ashfield Healthcare

                Senior Pharmaceutical Representative

                October 2008 – September 2010

                My first step into the pharmaceutical industry was with the outsourced sales company Ashfield In2Focus. I trained as a representative within the mental health sector with a speciality in mental health, respiratory, and insomnia. I was quickly fast-tracked onto the Ashfield Emerging Leaders Plan, where I met monthly with company executives as we assess my career and share success stories. Through here, a promotion to Deputy Regional Business Manager followed, where I continued my work as a Senior Representative while assisting national and regional managers with best practice techniques, relief management and staff training. 

                • My main focus was with primary healthcare GPs and nurses, organising visits in surgeries and local events to maximise our product awareness and prescribing. 
                • Between meetings, I devised a strategic plan for pharmacy sales in my region. I sold dermatology products directly to pharmacies in my patch, assessing sales potential by local demographics and historical transactions. After a positive campaign, I trained up colleagues on my methods at a national meeting to share success across the country. 
                • I left Ashfield to pursue a new venture in Italy with my own company.

                RFL: My partner’s role moved to Italy, so I built up my own agile marketing business that I could run from anywhere in the world.

                My key wins:

                • Consistently the top performer in the team (measured by access).
                • I was the youngest ‘Senior Pharmaceutical Representative’ at the company.
                • The fastest new-recruit to make it onto the Emerging Leaders Program.
                • I gained a 20% increase in prescriptions of products in my region. The gain was mainly due to my rise in activity and access to target GPs and prescribers.
                  The Restaurant Group

                  Regional Marketing Manager

                  May 2006 – September 2008

                  After graduating from the University of Liverpool, I started an exciting job with The Restaurant Group as the Marketing Manager for a Frankie & Benny’s restaurant in Liverpool. Within a matter of months, I was promoted to Regional Marketing Manager, overseeing a third of all UK Frankie & Benny’s restaurants. 

                  • I split my time between each restaurant, assessing individual needs and demographics, creating custom marketing plans for each restaurant and their sister restaurants nearby (Chiquito and Garfunkel’s). 
                  • I sourced and scored new locations for restaurant openings, assessing the local business and footfall before implementing an algorithm to determine the success potential of each site before presenting and organising a visit from the company directors. 
                  • I planned events and promotions for new and existing restaurants in line with planned annual activities. 
                  • I was a central part of the head-office campaign planning process with regular consultancy visits to give feedback and advice on upcoming campaigns to maximise impact nationally. I took the lead in the website and social media planning years before digital marketing an aspect within the hospitality industry. 
                  • On occasion, I was deployed to restaurants with high complaints or low standards to provide an uplift in quality and reputation of the specific restaurant. 

                  RFL: After helping out a disgruntled customer, the (newly-happy) customer offered me a job in her Pharmaceutical Sales team as she was impressed with how I handled her objections and turned a negative situation into a positive one.

                  My key wins:

                  • I drove the marketing and training mentality to become the only restaurant in the group to be making double-digit increases in profits yearly like for like at a time when the restaurant industry was in rapid decline (due to the 2008 financial crisis).
                  • In a national role, I lead national marketing campaigns such as Valentines Day and Mother’s Day, ensuring optimum covers, experience and pricing to maximise our commercial potential.

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