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Paul’s ’72 Mini Clubman restoration

Paul’s ’72 Mini Clubman restoration

My next-door neighbour was a military engineer in his day (he’s a retired 90yr-old now) and still has the steadiest of hands. He fills his retired days with tinkering about in his garage that sits opposite our Dunstable house.
His last project was a full restoration of a BMW Isetta that he finished in winter 2016.

Over that winter, I witnessed Paul rewiring his home garage to extend a plug socket a mere one measly meter. When asked why he was doing it, he indicated that he was bored and needed a new project. I swiftly invited him over to our house (that incidentally, he used to own in the 1950s) to look at classic cars in need of TLC. We stumbled upon a 1972 Mini Clubman in Heysham that was simply a primed chassis and bodywork with a skip of random doors, interiors and engine pieces.

We bid, we won and it was delivered… on a flatbed… in bits. Over the past 3 years, Paul has organised all the pieces to see what fits where and what’s missing. He’s joined various Mini clubs and sourced or built all the necessary parts before fitting them. The result, check it out…

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