RPO Film Gala

Beautiful day with my beautiful wifey at the Royal Albert Hall

Instagram creepiness

Saw a post on work's Slack earlier about a Ford Pickup. A few mins later, instagram dishes me out this pic... creepy.

Leaving work

How can I leave for work each day when I wake up to this little face?

Rock and roll day at work

Measuring cabinets may not be the sexiest job but the result in a few months should be epic.

Stowe and BBQ

Lazy Sunday then a Stowe house visit with the Windsor's followed by a BBQ with the next door neighbours.

Easter Sunday

Family day, lunch and tea with the Coopers.


A brief award ceremony in-house for our salesperson of the year.

GoT night

Arsenal win 1-0 and I get to see the new GoT8 episode.

Mini castle hike

Took a wander up to see a medieval castle. Not much left, but an epic view.

Family visit

Alina and Hugo turned up today to see me after work.

A midday walk

Lovely walk round a quarter of Furzton Lake today to grab a bite.

My view

Stand up, sit down, great view either way.

Sports day

Sports on the telly and time with my boy.