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Snow foam day

Snow foam day

My first snow foam for the E-Class.

Time taken:
2 minutes

Dragon’s Blood wheels

A liberal spray to all wheels, twice. The chemical eats into brake dust, turing it a deep red that falls away from the alloy.

Bug spray bumper and mirrors

Softens dried-on squished bugs ready for removal.

4 minutes
10 minutes

Snow foam

A generous layer of hot, thick pro-kleen snow foam that slowly hugs the dirt and grime and gently drags it down and away from the car.

Jet wash

After the foam has mostly dripped-off the car, excess foam is removed with the jet-wash. The aim is to remove big dirt via a touchless wash so it doesn’t get rubbed into the paintwork with a wash mitt.

25 minutes
35 minutes

Hand wash

A gentle hand-wash in one direction (never circular) to avoid ‘swirls’

Jet wash

Remove excess soap and leave a layer of water on the car

40 minutes
45 minutes

Hybrid Ceramic Wax

A generous spray of Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax over all body panels

Jet wash

The water spreads the wax evenly and removes excess

50 minutes
60 minutes to complete the monthly detail


A three-stage drying method. A touchless dry with an air blaster. A semi-dry with a synthetic chamois. Finished with a microfibre polishing cloth

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