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The new normal

The new normal

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So, in March 2020, the UK joined in with COVID-19 fever. The company I worked for in March suffered and I was finally given my marching orders in September 2020 after it became obvious that the company simply wanted to stand-firm and not grow.

During this time, I’d moved house with my family to a sleepy village in Northamptonshire called Ravensthorpe where we started to set up the new normality for our family. We added a little girl to the mix to make our perfect three a four.

Before we had too much time to introduce Halle, I was offered a role with a pioneering genomic company that I could not refuse. We had no spare room or office at the new house and the old ‘Pool House‘ in our Dunstable garden was a long way away now. We’d set up a temporary space in our bedroom that was clear, clean and comfortable to work from and I happily started working from home.

More recently, we’ve built our ‘New Pool House‘ and furnished it to perfection. This has given me an external workspace where I can work from, away from the house (and distractions) and I can focus 100% on marketing my genomics company.

My day starts at 07:00 when Alina goes to work and I start getting the kids and house ready for our nanny to take over. By 08:15, I’m in the Pool House and ready for my day… after a quick workout. My plan was to go on a short bike-ride each morning or even a brief visit to the gym. With the weather and COVID making all those things a danger, I’ve signed up to Apple Fitness+ where I can link my Apple Watch and Apple TV together to form a pre-recorded – but somehow engaging workout with fitness metrics beamed to my TV live. A 20-minute workout followed by 10 minutes of yoga and 5 minutes of ‘Mindful Cooldown’ sets me up for the day perfectly.

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