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WatchOS7 Public Beta – Dismiss All

WatchOS7 Public Beta – Dismiss All

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The new beta has a range of new options including

  • Sleep Mode. When you go to bed, your watch automatically turns on Do Not Disturb and keeps your screen from waking.
  • Sleep chart. See a sleep analysis chart every morning showing how much you’ve slept in the past week.
  • Sleep tracking.
  • Wind Down. 
  • Wake Up. 
  • Charge and recharge.
  • Sleep in the Health app.

These are all great but they’ve also removed a few key features.. notably the ability to use force touch to access contact menus. The difference between ‘force touch’ and ‘long press’ is minimal so I don’t notice the loss of it on my iPhone 11Pro. On the watch it shouldn’t make much difference either if Apple implemented (or removed) it in a similar fashion.

My most used ‘force touch’ is the ability to clear all notifications once they’ve built up. A swipe from the top and a force press later and all notifications have gone. With WatchOS7, this has been removed and, thanks to, there’s a hidden workaround that has (to my knowledge), never been publicised.

Instead of a force-press, you now have to scroll to the top of your notifications where you’ll now find a new button called ‘Clear All’. It’s not as slick as the previous way to do it and I see no reason why a long press couldn’t bring up the ‘Clear All’ context menu.

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