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Why I avoid eBay

Why I avoid eBay

Last week I bought a few bits through eBay. 5 items bought and here’s the lowedown.

  1. A hot shoe cover (£2.50)
  2. A replacement battery cover for a Nikon D7000 (£5)
  3. An Eye-Fi 4GB WiFi SD card (£50)
  4. BM-11 Screen Cover for Nikon D7000 (£5)
  5. LF-4 Nikon lens rear cap (£7)

Not used eBay in a while as I don’t trust the authenticity, quality or care in dispatch… Turns out I was right.

  1. I was delivered an empty envelope!!
  2. Battery cover (to replace an existing cracked cover) arrived cracked.
  3. A piece of cardboard in the shape of an SD card was delivered!
  4. The screen cover was delivered severely scratched.
  5. Arrived in good condition.

It’s worth noting that all sellers have agreed to post out replacement items at their expense but it’s just ridiculous that 80% of my order was screwed up. Seriously, why send me an empty envelope?!?

I miss Jessops 😥

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