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Home productivity day!

Home productivity day!

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Working from home doesn’t have to be sitting on a sofa or dining-room table hunched over. You employer shouldn’t have to tell you to find a suitable working space (or even provide one) – it’s your house, find a spot to work that’s quiet, comfortable and that you can work for at least 45-minute intervals in between breaks. Unless you’re on minimum wage, your health is more important that your bank-balance. In my office working environment, I was provided with a basic keyboard and mouse so I upgraded them out of my own pocket to avoid RSI. home should be no different. With a crippled back, RSI fingers and shot eyesight, wouldn’t you rather spend a few pounds to save that ill-health? I certainly would – and do.

This is the corner of our bedroom in our new house. I’ve hooked up and rising desk from Costco (£300) with a 24″ monitor (£100). I already had the mouse, keyboard and iPad so when it’s all chucked together I’ve got a rising workstation that I can work at without fatigue for many hours (between biscuit and drink breaks).

We’ll have a dedicated home office build in the next few months but this is a perfectly suitable workspace until then.

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