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My LinkedIn Rant

My LinkedIn Rant

On a daily basis, I get the following message through LinkedIn.

Hi Simon, I can see that you work in marketing and so do I. I’d love to join your network.

A lazy sales person

I know building a network is important, but, in the above message, there’s no reason for me to accept. Are they a colleague, competitor, agency or random? Who knows – I’m certainly not going to take time away from my schedule to –

  1. Accept
  2. Investigate who they are

It’s easy to grab my attention. Send me a message with a bit more than a copy/paste intro.

What about –

Hi Simon, I can see that you’re at [insert company name here]. How’s things going there? I can see from your comms that [insert name of morst recent company press release here]. I’m sending you this request because [concice bullets as to why they are connecting with me for MY benefit]. I’d love to grab a quick 5 minutes to see if we can help each other by [why is this important to ME]. Speak soon,

A better sales person

Put it simply, If you can’t tell me why you think your product/brand will work for me in a few sentences, you obviously don’t know who I am and only care about YOUR sales. I’m probably missing out on tons of excellent opportunities to connect and learn about new tactics but, if you approach me lazily, I’ll extend that laziness by not even acknowledging your message.

Earn my time – it’s not that precious, but it is too precious to waste.

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